Dogs are Better than People

Natalie, Staff

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I cannot be the only person who believes dogs are better than people. In fact, I know I am not. Many people agree with the statement that dogs are better than people for many different reasons. Among all the dogs I have been able to meet throughout my life (and trust me there has been a lot) none of them have ever disappointed me. However, I can’t say the same for people. 

Dogs contain so much love in such a little (or big) body that they make it difficult not to love them. How could someone not love something that is always so excited to greet you? I do not think there has been a time in my life when I was not excited to see my dogs, but there have been more times than I can count that I have not been excited to see someone. No matter how many times we accidentally step on a dog’s paws they can never be sad for long because they have too many things to be excited about. On the other hand, whenever we cancel plans with someone or do something someone does not like, it becomes a big ordeal with no winners. You also do not have to worry about impressing dogs because 1) they cannot speak English and 2) all they want is for you to give them attention. Wouldn’t it be a better world if people showed the love and compassion that dogs show seeing that there has never been a news article about a dog getting into a fight over differing views on what the best dog food is? 

The cuteness of a dog is unmatched by any human I have ever seen and most of the time when they are at peak cuteness, they do not even know they are being adorable, which increases the cuteness factor by 100. Along with their extreme cuteness they do the funniest and most stupid things that can make people with a heart of stone laugh until they cry. In my personal experience the only times my dogs are being a slight annoyance is when I have to clean up their mess after I neglected to put them out or when I’m not petting them. Even though they can be slightly annoying, their occasional annoyance is something I would rather tolerate compared to listening to pointless drama about who did what. 

It seems like dogs always know what to do to make you feel better after a long day, and they never get tired of hearing you complain; if they do, they do a great job at hiding it. Sure, you may not get an actual response but sometimes we don’t want a response; we just want someone to listen, so who better to complain to than a dog since they have no idea what you are saying? Humans are often quick to judge (myself included) and the last thing anyone wants is to be judged; with dogs it is truly a judgement-free zone because, after all, some of them eat their own poop. Being negative is a trait that is foreign to dogs since  they are constantly in their own little minds full of naps and treats, but I know far too many people who are negative just because they like to bring others down. As if the quality of being a great listener is not enough to prove dogs are better than people, dogs are also the best secret keepers. Being a great listener and secret keeper is a rare trait to come by in people these days, but dogs always seem to have the trait. I know you may be thinking, “They are dogs. They have no choice,” and while that may be true, they still do their best to help make your bad a little better, whether it is by cuddling up with you or just simply gracing you with their presence and not running away to a more exciting person near by. 

From the time you meet your new four-legged friend to when their internal clock runs out, these animals become family and earn their title as man’s best friend. People can argue that “they are just animals” but many people believe they are more than that. To many people, including myself, saying dogs are just animals is like saying money is just paper. Obviously everyone knows money is worth more than paper just like dogs are more than just animals. Dogs act like they do not have a care in the world while also caring deeply for their family. They are loving creatures that go above and beyond everyday and all they want is for us to love them back.  

I asked some people if they think dogs are better than people and their responses varied from, “Dogs are better than people. Dogs only see the positive side of things and they love you more than anyone will. They are also there for you while no one else is!” to “ They can always tell when you’re upset and if you treat them well, they will love you unlike how you can be great to people but they can still be rude.” 

In some cases, dogs have proven to be more qualified for certain jobs compared to  a human. Service dogs are able to save people’s lives by being able to detect drops in blood pressure or when someone is about to have a seizure. These special dogs can be trained to help save lives but some are born with that instinct. For some people these dogs are the only reason they are still alive. Even dogs that are not labeled “service dogs” have saved their owners’ lives by protecting them from oncoming traffic or attacking an intruder.  

Since dogs come in so many breeds there is a dog for everyone. There are tiny dogs, big dogs, hypoallergenic, fluffy, hairless, high and low maintenance, active and lazy, and so many other options available in an animal that has unconditional love for you. Meanwhile, humans come in less exciting varieties such as tolerable, slightly annoying, annoying, and really annoying. While some people disagree with the statement “dogs are better than people.” I think most people can agree with the statement that dogs are an important part of many people’s everyday lives.  

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  1. Logan Marsh on May 16th, 2018 12:52 pm

    I love dogs more than my brother


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Dogs are Better than People