More Than a Player

Trey, staff

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Although I have known Jacob Bickerstaff for a long time, I figured others might want to get to know more about him. So I sat down with him and talked about him and his experiences playing basketball.

Me: “How long have you been playing basketball?”
Jacob: “I started playing basketball in 3rd grade so I’m on my 10th year.”
Me:  “I know it’s early in the season, but how do you think the team is gonna do this year?”
Jacob: “Well, right now we don’t know who we are because we have a few new players but we should be better than last year and possibly win area and go on to the regionals this year.”
Me: “What’s your favorite part about basketball?”
Jacob: “My favorite part about basketball has to be the competitiveness of the sport.”
Me: “What is something most people don’t know about the basketball team?”
Jacob: “Most people don’t know that we are an older team with mostly juniors and seniors.”
Me: “What’s you’re favorite memory from basketball?”
Jacob: “My favorite memory from basketball is when we won the county championship last year and when coach smith could not stop smiling in the locker room after the game.”
Me: “What’s something that you hate about basketball?”
Jacob: “I hate the running.”
Me: “If you could go back and change one thing about your basketball career?”
Jacob: “If I could go back I would have worked harder on my shot and dribbling skills freshmen year bc I’ve missed shots before that could have won us the game.”
Me: “Do you think your basketball career will continue after high school?”
Jacob: “Personally I do not think my basketball career will continue after high school mostly because I don’t know if I wanna play after high school but you never know.”


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More Than a Player