Foreign Exchange Student Kateryna Falchyyan

Hannah, staff

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Kateryna Falchyyan is a foreign exchange student from Ukraine.  I interviewed her so I could find out more about her story of why she came to America in the Future Leaders Exchange Program.

Kateryna is in eleventh grade, and she came to America on the Future Leaders Exchange Program. She plans on going to college at Jefferson State or UAB. She moved here without any siblings and lives with a host family. She didn’t choose where she was going; all she knew was that she was going to America.

At her old school Kateryna had English lessons once a week since she was five. She has been in Springville for three and a half months, and she leaves in June. I asked her how she liked it here so far, and she said that people are more open and kind, which differs from her old school. At her old school their education system is a little bit different. They have more than twenty school subjects, and educational programs are all the same. She said that teachers here are more enthusiastic and seem more excited to teach but over there they didn’t seem to be that way. Classes were in sections. For example there would be a class A and a class B that all followed the same schedule together as one class. They would have eight classes a day and get out at 4 p.m. They didn’t have any sports or after school activities, unlike here.

We are very happy to have Kateryna here at Springville High School!

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Foreign Exchange Student Kateryna Falchyyan