Santa: Should We Make Our Kids Believe in a Fictional Man?

Ava Grace, staff

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I, like most children grew up with Santa. I was raised believing a large man dressed in red snuck into my house and left me toys. The more you say it, the creepier it sounds. I used to love Santa; he was an essential piece of every Christmas holiday. My parents would put a few gifts under the tree for them and then on Christmas day I’d awake to more unwrapped presents from the one and only. But like most children, I had Santa ruined by an older, jerky kid that wanted to ruin everything. I didn’t believe him though because why would my parents ever lie about an old man breaking into our house? Well, they would. When kids usually find out about this hidden truth, they cry. Why would any parent purposely make their children cry? A few years of sneaking around and hiding so your kid thought Santa was real? Not worth it. I now think that Santa is a ridiculous story that teaches kids to believe in the unimaginable. I a think we should just give our kids presents like an actual adult. Santa ruins children dreams.

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Santa: Should We Make Our Kids Believe in a Fictional Man?