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Ronnie, staff

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Are teens REALLY learning in school? Of course, they’re learning the different parts of a cell and how to draw a self-portrait, but where’s the relevancy in it all? Too much useless information is being taught in schools these days. Teens graduate virtually unprepared for “the real world.” There is no focus on things necessary to be an adult. There is no teaching on how to file taxes, how to speak proper English, or how to navigate yourself around. Although some of these may seem like natural things, like speaking proper English, these are skills necessary to succeed in today’s world. It is virtually impossible to hold a decent-paying job and be illiterate. It is also necessary to file taxes when in the work force. Some of these basic requirements for adulthood are not taught in schools, and in turn, preparing students to be unsuccessful. There are many more necessary things that aren’t taught in schools. For example, how to vote/register to vote, how to take out a loan, budgeting/balancing a checkbook, getting a passport, and even having social skills, such as forming healthy relationships with people or networking yourself.  

Too many things that will never be used outside of school are given the most attention. People who are lacking basic understanding of things are then expected to immediately take the role of an adult come graduation. Although learning the different parts of a cell is important to passing biology, unless going into that field, you will most-likely not need to know it. When being forced to interact with a bank teller, you’re never going to be asked to solve using the quadratic formula, or write a ten-page argumentative essay. 

Teens are being set up to be unsuccessful in life. Of course, the overachievers who take every advanced class will probably be able to do most of the aforementioned things without much learning involved, but what about the “average joe”? Coming from personal experience alone, it is clear that people are not being taught proper communication skills. Some people are so uneducated (in terms of relevancy, not random knowledge), that it becomes difficult for them to express what they would like to order at a restaurant. Without relevant knowledge being learned, teens are forced to learn only what their parents know, and in turn creating an unprogressive society.  

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Relevant Education