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Natalie, Staff

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Trends come and go and usually define what we buy and wear. Everyone has seen outrageous outfits and styles worn on the runway, but we also all know those people who try to bring the runway-only styles into everyday life, and it just is not working out. We have also seen those cutesy Instagram or Pinterest outfits that are not practical for day-to-day wear, but, yet again, people try to wear them and make it work. We are living in 2018 so you can practically wear whatever you want, but it does not mean people are not looking at some of these outrageous and crazy outfits and forming their own opinion on them – whether negative or positive. Here’s a list of some clothing pieces that come to some classmates’ minds when they are asked “What clothing trends need to go?”: 

  • Gauchos 
  • Bermuda Shorts 
  • Silly Bands 
  • Crocs 
  • Hair Feathers 
  • Animal Print 
  • Animal Fur 
  • Ruffle Pants 
  • Fake Glasses 
  • Camo 
  • Fanny Packs 
  • Shirts with distressing 
  • Rompers for men 
  • Overly distressed denim 
  • Crop tops with low rise jeans 
  • Chubbies 
  • Oversized Everything 
  • Ridiculously Shaped Eyebrows 
  • Sagging Pants 
  • Track Suits 
  • Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve Tops 

**Disclaimer** Take this article with a grain of salt, if you wear any the stuff that is listed and like it, then keep wearing what you want; no one is stopping you. 

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Fashion Trends