The Flu

Haley, staff

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An aggressive strand of the influenza virus has swept across the United States recently. For about the past month, hospitals in Alabama have been filling up with people seeking treatment for the flu. The particular strand that is causing the majority of the harm this year is very aggressive seeing as it has caused many casualties in a short period of time. Due to the virus, many people have lost precious time that could have been spent at work or school because they were stuck at home, the doctor, or a hospital. Some schools across the state have been forced to close due to the very fast-spreading virus.

If you would like to avoid this virus, make sure you take extra sanitary precautions. Wash your hands before eating and after touching any object that is frequently touched by others. Try to avoid unnecessary physical contact with others as well as sharing food and drinks. Doing these small things will help the spreading of the virus to be less rapid and prevent more people from catching the flu.

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The Flu