Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Katlyn, staff

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With school, homework, studying, and all the other things we run around doing, I know Valentine’s Day can creep up on us. Now, the day is here, and I have some great solutions for those special “friends” (or not) that just managed to slip your mind.

  1. Use a deck of cards to tell them 52 reasons why you love them.
  2. Send them on a scavenger hunt that ends with them meeting you at a place that is special to both of you.
  3. Make a scrapbook of all your most memorable days.
  4. “Open When” letters.
  5. A jar full of fun things to do together.
  6. A jar of memories, or quotes.
  7. Their favorite candy… with a PUN
  8. A Bouquet of…Anything BUT FLOWERS (candy, video games, letters, pictures)
  9. A movie night kit.
  10. Transfer a cute photo onto wood. (Use modge podge)
  11. Write a heartfelt letter, showing them that you listen and remember them.
  12. Print them a collection of quotes and poems that makes you think of them.
  13. Something personal (if they like pictures, lights to string them on… etc.)
  14. A subscription to NETFLIX or Spotify….
  15. Tickets to something you can enjoy together.
  16. Cook them something..??? (its sweet if you at least try… don’t kill anyone..)
  17. A small necklace that goes with anything.
  18. FACE MASK or something to pamper them.
  19. A GIANT stuffed ANYTHING
  20. A surprise date!

These are only a few, if you are lost CHECK PINTEREST!!!! Seriously, I use pinterest for EVERYTHING. Best of luck!



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Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts