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Abigail, staff

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This year’s wresting season has been going great. Our boys have had countless pins and multiple meet wins. As the season comes close to the end, the wresters prepare for Sectionals and then for State. I want to take this opportunity to talk about what wrestling actually consists of.

If you are like I was, then you have never been to a  wrestling meet and you are terrified to go. I was nervous about what I would see at a wrestling meet. Would someone break his neck? Would I see a lot of blood? Would there be an extra display of someone’s masculinity?

Well with the honor of being The Roar‘s photographer, I went to multiple wrestling meets. I was very surprised with the atmosphere.  First of all, all the wrestlers are exceptionally nice and welcoming, more than any other sport I have taken pictures of.  And thank goodness I didn’t see anyone break his neck. I did see some blood, but not nearly as much as I saw on the football sideline. Now with the masculinity… there was a lot in the gym. The masculinity however; was spread pretty evenly among all the athletes, which is the best you are going get with a sport like wrestling.

Wrestlers are honestly very impressive to me. There is more contact than there is in football, but no protective wear. Wrestlers also never complain. Every sport has its ups and downs and there will also always be complaints vocalized, but not in wrestling. Even during the worst part of the sport, the rolling out and picking up the mats, the wrestlers don’t complain. Another characteristic of the wrestlers that is impressive to me is the amount of stamina required to be a wrestler. Most people think that a wrestler just wrestles for two minutes and they are done. I have seen a Springville Tiger wrestler wrestle a full match (about ten minutes) so intensely that he could not physically stand for over ten minutes. Wrestling requires EVERY muscle in the body and is very demanding of the body. Their athleticism is very impressive. So take my advice, never try to fight a Tiger wrestler.


So on another note, our wrestlers are doing very well this year.    


I have very high hopes for the team this year and I am excited to see where they go this year and in the upcoming years.

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