Roses for Valentine’s Day

Beth Ann, staff

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Roses are the flowers that are given the most every year for Valentine’s Day. 224 million flowers are sold every Valentine’s Day, and 198 million of those are roses. 51 percent of the roses sold are red roses. That would be 100.98 million flowers! There are so many different kinds of flowers (approximately 400,00) so why is it that red roses are the most popular?

While most people do not know why they buy red roses for Valentine’s Day other than the fact that is what they see in every Hallmark movie, there is actually a reason. First of all, the reason that flowers are given at all dates back to the Victorian Age  During this time, they sent flowers with secret messages, also known as florigraphy. Red roses also have history behind them as well. The red rose represented the Greek and Roman goddesses of love, Aphrodite and Venus. The rose also was sacred to many goddesses, such as Isis of Egypt. As centuries went on, the red rose continued to represent romance, love, and passion.

Knowing the history behind the red rose, it makes perfect sense as to why they are so popular on Valentine’s Day


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Roses for Valentine’s Day