THE Abigail Ward

Jacob, staff

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Abigail Ward is a senior at this high school, which means that she has put up with the craziness of this school, dealing with the teachers, students, principals, and coaches for four years. Abigail has played on the varsity soccer team for all four years and played volleyball her freshman year.  She has run cross country for six years. She has been a straight A student all through high school. While she has enjoyed her time here, like other seniors, she is ready for this year to be over, to go to college or wherever life might take her. Abigail will attend Jacksonville State University in the coming fall. But she isn’t leaving entirely; she in going to stick around and be the assistant cross country coach. Remember to enjoy the time you have with your seniors right now because there isn’t much time left with them here!

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THE Abigail Ward