Is There A Proper Way To Eat Certain Foods?

Haley, staff

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There have been many debates over the years as to whether or not people are eating certain foods incorrectly. Is there really an incorrect way to eat some foods, or are people just being too particular?

One of the most debated foods when it comes to this question is string cheese. While some people prefer to just bite theirs, others say that is the improper way to eat it. They believe that the proper way to eat string cheese is to pull pieces of it off in strings, as the names states, and consume it that way.   I surveyed many people in order to finally come to a conclusion as to how string cheese should be eaten. Eighty percent of the people I surveyed said that the only way to eat string cheese is to pull it off on strings, while the other twenty percent said it really doesn’t matter how you eat it.

Another good food that is widely debated when it come to this question is the Kit Kat candy bar. Some believe that the only way to eat one is to break off each section of the bar and eat them separately, while others believe it is perfectly fine to just bite into it. I surveyed the same people and ended up with the same results as the cheese. The eighty percent that believed string cheese should only be eaten in strings also believed that you should eat the candy bar in separate pieces. The other twenty percent said it did not matter how it was eaten because it tastes the same either way.

After much research, I have reached the conclusion that while most people believe certain foods should only be consumed one way, there really isn’t a “proper” way to eat them.

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Is There A Proper Way To Eat Certain Foods?