The Truth About High School: Advice from a Senior

Ronnie, staff

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“These will be the best four years of your life.”

You’ve probably heard that about a hundred times from every school faculty member, older family member, and elders in the community, right? But to what extent is this actually true? Will this really be the BEST four years of your life? Is the time you’re having in high school as good as it gets?

Here’s some advice, from someone who’s completing their fourth year:

MAKE EVERYTHING COUNT. While you’re going to experience a lot more in your life after graduating, these four years still play a pivotal role in your development. Ten years from now, you’re not going to regret that biology test you failed freshman year, or that girl who gave you a snide look in the hallway, but you will remember the bigger picture of it altogether. During these four years, you’ll have a lot fun. You’ll make a lot of connections with people. You’ll have a load of sporting events to attend. You’ll have pep rallies to look forward to. So, make the most of it while it lasts! You won’t experience those Friday night lights forever!

GRADES ARE IMPORTANT. When you’re in middle school, almost everyone makes honor roll. It won’t be the same in high school. While there’s a ton of time to hang out with friends, there’s also a lot of time for studying. Whether you take honors classes or standard classes, it will require hard work. Maintaining a good GPA is very important when it’s time to be considered for acceptance to a university or community college. Having a high GPA can also help in being considered for merit-based scholarships, as can your ACT score. Don’t fool around your freshman and sophomore year, you’ll regret it! Build a solid foundation freshman year; it makes a world of difference!

YOU’LL LOSE FRIENDS. IT’S OKAY. The same friends you enter the first day of freshman year will most likely not be the same you leave with on the last day of senior year. During these four years, you will find out your true friends. Some friends will turn down the wrong path, some friends will become attached to a significant other and ditch you, and some friends you’ll just clash with. You might not find these things out fast, either. You’ll have friends that you’ll enter senior year with, that will have completely different life path as you, and things won’t work out. It’s okay. The friendships you have in high school will not be your only opportunity to make friendships in your life.

IT’S ONLY FOUR YEARS. While these four years determine a lot about who you’ll be and your development, this is not the only time. Whether you’re entering the workforce or joining a university after graduating, you have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t stress about everything during these four years. You’ll realize that everything happens for a reason. The three homework problems you didn’t do, the football game you didn’t go to, and who’s dating who won’t matter twenty years from now. High school is a time for having fun and learning, but it will NOT be the best four years of your life. Your life will be completely different after high school, but it is an experience we all go through.

You have a whole story to complete, and high school is just a chapter of it.

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The Truth About High School: Advice from a Senior