Juniors Becoming Seniors

Natalie, Staff

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As the 2017-2018 school year comes to a close, seniors are getting ready to graduate and juniors are ready to take the seniors’ place as the kings and queens of Springville High School. While seniors are wanting to get out of this school and never look back, juniors are ready to experience everything senior year has to offer. Many have said senior year is the best but also most stressful school year they have experienced this far, but I believe the class of 2019 is up for the challenge.

Throughout senior year the class will get to enjoy graduation festivities such as senior brunch and senior nights allowing them free entry into sporting events. Along with these things, you get to experience people constantly asking what you’re going to do after high school, more AP classes, and the stress that comes along with choosing a college and major that decides your whole future. Some juniors already have their whole college career planned out while others still are not really sure how to do their own laundry.

The stresses of senior year are borderline overwhelming but don’t forget to soak up these final moments of your high school career while eating your crispitos from the lunchroom. We may be sad for (some) of the seniors to graduate, but the junior class is ready to take over. Seniors are anxiously waiting for May 25th so they can graduate while juniors are anxiously waiting for May 25th so they can take their title as the leaders of the school.

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Juniors Becoming Seniors