My Thoughts on Social Issues

Jack, staff

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Hey, folks! For my last story I thought I would crack open a wokonut on you (coconut with extra woke). Bear in mind the following thoughts are just an opinion, but I think they are relevant. 

Do me a quick favor. Scroll through our editorial and news pages and take note of the types of articles you will see regarding “politics”. What I want to stand out to you, but surely won’t because of the way modern discourse works, is how little the vast majority of them have to do with the government. Discussions about bullying, for instance, should be a relevant part of our national dialogue, but how did we get to the point where anything that comes on the news should be considered a political issue? 

I, for one, have absolutely no idea how this phenomenon occurred, but I will suggest a mega-woke solution to this issue. Let the government, particularly the federal government, be the government. This may come off as libertarianism, but I’m not actually suggesting any policies here. Rather, I just want people to make a clear delineation in their speech about what is and is not actually an issue for the federal government to deal with.  For instance, let’s look at two separate controversies, one for each side of the aisle, that were painted as government issues, but are actually cultural matters. Target’s bathrooms and Chick-Fil-A’s support of traditional marriage. I imagine a good chunk of Springvillians had a couple-day boycott on at least one of those two brands because of it. What really concerns me is that with both of those issues, calls for legislation were made, politicians were asked to take stances, and there was a general sense that this was a political issue. However, both of these events involved private individuals interacting with private individuals in a manner that could not cause physical or financial harm. In simplest terms, something the government should not have anything to do with. 

Hopefully, you have now accepted my premise and I can explain how I think this would benefit the country (if not, that stinks because I’m moving on). Basically, I hope that this will help the government actually focus on their jobs. Defense, the national budget, regulation (ideally mostly deregulation), environmental policy, education, and a bunch of other stuff are all vital and urgent issues that sometimes get pushed off in favor of things that the government can’t actually enact change on. As a nice little bonus, trying to move social issues into their proper place in the public discourse would encourage many interest groups to refocus their efforts from various forms of bribery to education efforts. 

So, in conclusion, much like we were told countless times in middle school, let’s try to figure our own issues out and only go to the counselors if we have to. 

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My Thoughts on Social Issues