Sounds of Spring

Sydney, staff

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As the season of spring is in full swing, with warm sunny skies, sweet-smelling flowers, and the anticipation of summer. While spring is bringing new beginnings, a season of growth, some things came to end this week. The concert and jazz bands and the choir performed their last concert of the season, and for the seniors, their very last high school concert. The night was bittersweet, filled with glorious sounding voices and instruments. The choir sang beautiful renditions of John Lennon’s “Imagine”, Pentatonix’s cover of  “Havana” by Camilla Cabello, and “This is Me” from the popular movie of the year The Greatest Showman.  There were many soloists, like Caroline Skellet, Alyssa Wynn, Brendan Tucker, and Bekah Wester. After the choir’s performance, the Jazz Band performed. The jazz band is a select group of the concert band that practices on their own and play more jazzy tunes compared to the concert band. Their performance was full of improvisation solos and beautiful-sounding ensembles surrounding the solos. Last, the concert band performed, playing tunes including “Majestia”, “Flight of the Thunderbird”, and “In All It’s Glory”. Brandon Vaughn was a guest conducter for one song, for his help with conducting the band while Mr. Curren was absent.

One special part of the night was honoring Landon Gable, a Soringville student who was hospitalized for double pneumonia along with many other complications for approximately four months. He was close to death, but by the grace of God and many prayers from his friends and family, Landon made a steady recovery. He was present for the concert, and his presence was greatly enjoyed by his fellow choir and band friends. The choir sang a song that Landon had previously sung called “I’ll be There” by the Jackson 5 . It was a very moving sentiment that will be remembered in Springville’s musical history forever.

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Sounds of Spring