Advancement of Athletics, Springville’s New Facilities.

Jackson, staff

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As a student athlete, one of the most vital part of success is the building of strength and endurance in the off season, and as a member of the Varsity Soccer team, I know just how important of a factor strength is in competition. But one thing up until recently was pretty much objectively known among Springville athletes, and that is while we do well and work hard, our facilities for putting in that work have been, well, lackluster to say the least. You could always tell who had been out of the weight room by the rust stains on their hands and clothes. And, honestly, I have seen unknown substances in that room that I believe  require H.A.Z.M.A.T teams to properly dispose of. But, over the summer, substantial changes have been made in the benefit of the athletes.

Along with the addition of a new football-themed turf, all the weight racks have been painted the school colors, new hex bars have been purchased, and there are new pull up bars, air conditioning vents, along with two white boards and a strength chart. These things might seem only materialistic, and if you’re old fashioned you might say, “All you really need is determination and grit, not new fangled facilities!” But in reality, nicer facilities lead to better environments for students to better themselves through workouts; it leads to more intelligent and efficient ways to better athletic planning and progression through game and performance analysis; and leads to an objectively better quality of athletics. And while grit and determination certainly are important, the additions made to our weight room facilities are looking like an undeniable boon to Springville athletics.

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Advancement of Athletics, Springville’s New Facilities.