Springville High School Should Get A New Football Feild

Brady, Staff

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Sports are very important to Springville High School and our community, but do we deserve more? Many schools have upgraded their football fields, and we need to be the next to do so.

Thompson High School (a school in Alabaster, Alabama,) recently got a new school and football feild. Their field cost roughly $19.2 million, and it is stunning. If Springville wants to get a new football field and track, the people would have to vote to raise taxes on the community so we can eventually pay the football field and track off.

We need a new track and field for many reasons. First of all, the guest stadium seats are unfitting and there are not enough seats. The seats do not match the home side and are hard metal bleachers, which makes sitting uncomfortable. The locker room for the guest football teams does not have air conditioning. Also, the track has many big cracks in the track, which makes running unsuitable.

Overall, there are just many different problems with the track and field, and we need better.

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Brady, staff

Hello, my name is Brady. Some people call me Mike Honcho. I like looking at the stars and watching paint dry. I play football for Springville High school....

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Springville High School Should Get A New Football Feild