Beta Club Tapping

Gaines, staff

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This past September 13th, the Beta Club had their annual induction of new members through a traditional ceremony where the oldest members tap the newest members on the shoulder, formally enlisting them into the prestige organization. Beta Club was founded in 1939 on the idea of helping and bettering the school and the town as a whole. They hold a standard and if  not followed, they can be put on probation or even kicked out for reason regarding grades or behavioral issues.

The Beta Club also has a member elected government, the locally known legend that is Nick Hutto is their president and gave a speech top new coming members. Mr Hutto speaks on what it means to be apart of Beta Club, and what would be expected of the people within.












Pictured below, the oldest of the Zou siblings taps the youngest, continuing the Zou legacy. (Tapper: Ken Zou. Tappee: Katie Zou)

On the left, is the new members giving an oath to the club and a promise to uphold what is needed, and on the right, the old members watch their soon to be welcomed members.

Last but definitely not least we have the true elite of Springville High School, Riley Griffin.