How clubs are beneficial to our school

Anna, Staff

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Springville High School offers a plethora of clubs including Beta Club, Key Club, Student Council, Mu Alpha Theta, FCCLA, FCA, FFA, SADD and more. Students have the choice too join as many of these clubs as they please and can also run for officer positions such as president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. These clubs meet around every month, either before or after school in a designated classroom. Teachers can also volunteer to be the club coordinators. Mrs. Higdon is the Beta Club coordinator, Mrs. Umphrey runs Key Club, Mrs. Riker-Student Council, Mrs. Mahaffey-Mu Alpha Theta, Mrs. Weston-FCCLA, Coach Ford-FCA, Mrs. Wesley-SADD, and Mr. Vann-FFA.


The Clubs organize and perform many service projects for our school and community. Beta Club performs the canned food drive where students can bring in cans that help feed people who may not have that much to eat. They also do many other projects within the school or community such as paying for the landscaping around the outside lunch tables, organizing open house, fall/spring cleanups, and many more helpful projects. Key Club coordinates the Christmas shoeboxes where Key Club participants can go to Atlanta and help stuff or organize shoeboxes that will be sent out to many different counties. They go to children that will not have a Christmas so that they will at least get a single present and let them know that someone is thinking of them. Mrs. Weston is also organizing many projects for this upcoming year. Students can volunteer to help the Sav-A-Life organization, help the animals in the shelters, sell coffee/popcorn to help fund something for the FACS classroom/the community at the end of the year, help fill backpacks for the homeless, and more. Student Council constructs bake sells, they painted the recycling bins, and they also organize everyone’s favorite week—homecoming. Mrs. Wesley helps her SADD members perform a toy drive to help the less-fortunate children. Mu Alpha Theta creates a Pi-day bake sell on March 14th and promotes the day around the school. FFA performs a Farm Day where students who are in grades Pre-K through 3rd get to come the SHS and learn about many different animals.


These clubs are very beneficial to the school and community and also teach students a multitude of skills that can be use throughout their lives, such as leadership, cooperation, and accountability. They also each have a different motto that they use as a guide when performing projects such as Beta Club’s motto, let us lead by serving others. In conclusion, the numerous school clubs are very beneficial to the school and community by both bettering the environment and instituting helpful skills to the students.