Should we give out participation trophies?

Callie, staff

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Do we reward children and others too much by offering participation trophies and consolation prizes? We do well to celebrate hard work put into a commitment, but there is a line that must be drawn. We need to congratulate children on their effort, but they cannot be coddled into believing that the bare minimum will be accepted.

Imagine walking into school one day and you learn that the person in the same class as you, who does just enough to not fail, is receiving the same grades as you. You have been devoting hours of your time to your grades, but they get the same recognition. That is the exact same thing as offering a child a participation trophy for a sporting event where his team came in dead last. It is unfair to the highest-accomplishing group and embarrassing to the lowest.

We cannot celebrate mediocrity, because that welcomes complacency, which will lull generations into believing that they are not expected to reach full potential. It allows our society to grow into thinking that reaching for moon isn’t encouraged. Children will slack off, complete less work, because they think that they will still be celebrated and uplifted

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Callie, Staff

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Should we give out participation trophies?