Hurricane Michael

Alexis, staff

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As many of you may have heard at the beginning of October there was a vicious hurricane named Michael that took Florida by a storm (pun not intended).

This hurricane was first off the coast of Mexico and Cuba rising towards the panhandle of Florida, South Alabama, and Georgia then taking a sharp turn toward the Carolinas, Virginia, and part of Massachusetts into the Atlantic Ocean.

Sadly, our beloved Florida got hit the hardest. As of right now the death toll in Florida is 29, but overall 36 people were killed by Hurricane Michael. During the time Hurricane Michael was on the ground it was a category 4 storm, and winds topped at 155 mph. This was the first category 4 hurricane to make landfall in the panhandle of Florida.

Hurricane Michael did some major damage to Florida costing around 4.5 billion dollars in property damage and 3 billion dollars in forestland damage.


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Hurricane Michael