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As the Tigers’ regular season came to a close at Hewitt on 10/20, they moved into their first postseason meet on 10/25. This meet was the St. Clair County XC Championship. Going in to the the meet, the Tigers were scheduled to win and were very confident they would. However, the weather conditions proved to be rainy and cold, but that didn’t stop the Tigers from coming in first place in the county.

The Tigers had their top five in the top ten: Graham Bianchi as the individual champion in 1st, Caleb Kimmons in at 2nd, Chris Smith in 7th, Hudson Kersh in close behind in 8th, and finally Peyton Young finished in 10th.

This victory is the second victory in a row for the Tigers at the county championship

On the girls’ side, they came in 2nd as a team and have improved tremendously to the point they’re at now. The girls also had runners in the top 10 with Lauren Isley in 4th, Beth Ann Tucker in 5th, Sadie Deason in 9th, and Sara McGinnis in 10th.

All together the boys and girls teams were extremely successful and look to continue their success on November 2nd for their sectional meet.


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Salutations to the person that is reading this. My name is Chris. I have attended SHS for two years now, and I have spent my time here being awkward and sprinting through the hall to get to class. I’m also a member of the XC and Track & Field team. I have been running for six years now. If you ever see a ginger rush past you in the school or out, it’s most likely me. If you ever see me in the hall and want to talk to me, I might just ignore you because I’m always in a hurry. Although if I do stop to talk to you, it will most likely be an awkward encounter for the both of us, so good luck. Also, I will answer to the name Christmas, but thats a story for another time. I also can do a British and Irish accent which is why I will also answer to the name Scotty. I consider myself to be a major history nerd and I rather enjoy history jokes. I’m very much obsessed with memes and Vines, so reference them when you’re in my presence. Oh, I almost forgot to mention I’m a senior, so yeah. To end this I’m going to leave you with a quote: ” I gotta pee” -Forrest Gump.

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