Aaron Byars and Cameron Bonner: Good Additions to the SHS Soccer Team

Brady, Staff

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Aaron Byars and Cameron Bonner are just now newly introduced onto the Springville High School soccer team and they have the potential to be the best players we have in Springville.
Aaron Byars has been playing sports for mostly his whole life. He is on the track, football, and basketball team. Aaron holds the record for long jump in 5A schools. He also went to state for the 4×4 competition. Aaron has a lot of athleticism that most people wish they had.
Cameron Bonner is also on the track, football, and basketball team. Bonner went to state for the 4×4 alongside Aaron. Bonner has incredible speed and has been showing that off at wide receiver for the football team. Their athleticism and speed can make a good addition to the soccer team, which was highly successful last year. They will both have to improve their ball handling skills and learn their positions to be the best they can be. It will take a lot of work, but a lot of people are counting on them to improve the soccer team.