Halloween…. Dressing Up or Getting Candy?

Hannah, staff

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As we all know October 31st is a day of tricks and treats. (See what I did there?) Between the fun of dressing up and walking around main street collecting candy, what does Halloween mean? Is it the fun of getting ready to go knock on as many doors as possible? Or the thought of having a bag full of goodies to chow down on when you get home?

Smaller kids look forward to getting candy more than perfecting their costume. But older and shall I say “more experienced” kids mainly have been planning their outfits since last year… Needless to say they expect a much more planned Halloween night then a 5 year-old would. I, personally, would have to say that Halloween is all about dressing up. I mean, when else would you put on a costume? Thanksgiving? I think not. The thrill of picking that perfect outfit is a joy ride for any age. Sure you could wait last minute and pick one or you could be planning it since last Halloween, or, who knows? Maybe you’ve planned it since two years ago. The world may never know.

Now that I’ve got you thinking… aren’t I right? I mean, let’s face it, when you were little, all you cared about was the candy and that mega sugar rush you’d have after eating half your bag. And now that you’re older, you think more about planning your costume around a movie you just watched than getting as much candy as possible. I’m not saying every little kid hates the costume planning part, but they most definitely don’t put as much thought into it. Whether its the costumes or the treats, I think we all enjoy the night of October 31st.