Alabama’s Second Tornado Season

Claire, Staff

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Our home state of Alabama isn’t particularly known for much (besides football), but our number of tornadoes/severe weather instances earn us the respect of weathermen everywhere. Not many areas worldwide can say that they have to go through two tornado seasons annually.

The primary season takes place from March to May, with the month of April holding the largest amount of tornadoes since 1950 (464 total). The secondary includes months November to February, in which November has had the most (247 total). Tornadoes are produced by collisions of warm and cold air during thunderstorms that form a large funnel vortex, producing extremely high wind speeds. The result of these natural disasters can range from minor to catastrophic damage in urban areas such as neighborhoods and cities, as well as ripping trees and power lines out of the ground.

Tornado intensity is measured on the Fujita Scale (F-Scale), and based off of the amount of damage to structures and vegetation in the affected area. For example, the Tuscaloosa Tornado, which took place on April 27, 2011, was an F-5 tornado, which is the highest rating on the scale. Earlier this year, an F-3 tornado ravaged Jacksonville State University’s campus.

Currently, the 2018 fall tornado season has seen no influxes of severe weather, except for one occasion, in which confirmed tornados touched down in Natchitoches, Louisiana; Pelham, Alabama; and Tupelo, Mississippi.

Please make sure to keep a close eye on the weather these next few months, in case of another instance of severe storms. Central Alabama weatherman James Spann works day and night to keep 24-hour tabs on meteorological happenings over the state. Go to ABC 33/40 to access the latest updates on the weather.


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  1. Emily F. Robinson on November 14th, 2018 9:47 am

    Let’s all hope these naders out here don’t get us

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Alabama’s Second Tornado Season