Famous Places to Visit During Fall

Lexi, staff

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There are many places you can visit during fall to enjoy the weather and enjoy beautiful sights. The first place I found was Boston, MA. Boston has the most beautiful fall colors. Take a walk through the city and experience the famous New England fall foliage. The second place that is highly recommended is Gatlinburg, TN. Gatlinburg is known for its sight-seeing and mountains. The mountains go from green to red, orange, yellow, and pops of some green. The mountains are always so beautiful at the time of fall. I also found that San Francisco, CA, can me a good fall location. The fog of the summer has rolled on through and the days are warm, sunny, and clear (and not so crowded). The next stop you might want to make is in Chicago, IL. Head to Chicago Botanical Gardens for a beautiful scenery. The weather feels so good during fall time in Chicago. New York is usually one of the most crowded cities, but during fall it all goes away for just a moment. Central Park is a must see around the fall days. If you are looking for somewhere to go this fall season, try one of these places out.

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  1. Robin Russo on November 14th, 2018 9:50 am

    Gatlinburg is my favorite place to see fall colors!

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Famous Places to Visit During Fall