Midterm Election 2018

Olivia, staff

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Last Tuesday, voters all over the country exercised their civil rights and made their way to the polls. This year, it was time for another midterm election to determine our state governor, Senate and House representatives, secretary of state, along with many other local and national positions. The results of this year’s election were very significant because the Democratic party won control over the House of Representatives while the Republican party maintained power in the Senate. Closer to home, however, the Republican party captured majority of the votes in the state of Alabama. Our state results from this midterm election are as follows:

Governor- Kay Ivey(R)

Lt Governor- Will Ainsworth(R)

Attorney General- Steve Marshall(R)

Secretary of State- John Merrill(R)

Auditor- Jim Zeigler(R)

Treasurer- John McMillan(R)

Commissioner of Agriculture- Rick Pate(R)

State Senate- 27 Republicans 8 Democrats

State House- 77 Republicans 28 Democrats

In addition to these elected positions, four amendments were placed on the ballots for voters to vote in favor of or against. Amendment 1 stated that the Ten Commandments were allowed to be displayed in public places, including public schools. Amendment 2 would make a state policy that is against abortion. Amendment 3 will revise the requirements needed for members to be on the board of the University of Alabama, and Amendment 4 will allow legislative vacancies. All of the amendments listed were passed.

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Midterm Election 2018