Ross Stanford aka Dad

Caleb, staff

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The soccer team is full of great leaders. Every player learns what each one is capable of and will call them out if they are going half speed. No one has ever impacted Springville Soccer as much as center back and midfielder Ross Stanford has. He was the one who made sure that every player was the best they could be not only on the field but off of it as well. Ross was willing to go into any position for the team, including playing goalie against Shelby County last year.

Ross got the nickname “dad” from Hunter Ambrose and Sawyer Chapman as he gave them rides home everyday for two years straight. The nickname stuck, and soon enough every player would call him dad.

Ross played soccer since its first year and was a part of the huge growth that the boys soccer program has gone through. He, along with a few others, set the backbone and mentality of being on the soccer team. Ross set a great example of how to be a humble yet skillful and talented player; it seemed as if he could do everything including managing his farm while balancing school and soccer practices. The soccer team will forever miss their “dad”.


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My name is Caleb. I play soccer here at Springville High School, and love to go to every sports event that I can. I wish I could write more about myself,...

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Ross Stanford aka Dad