Why You Should be Involved in School

Brady, Staff

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The more involved you are in school, the more time you will put into school, and the better your grades will be.
If you do more extra curricular activities, that means more time that you are at school or doing something that is involved with the school. By spending time doing stuff for the school, you have less time for doing unlawful things or sitting at home doing nothing. If you start doing extracurricular activities, you will be happier to go to school.
Your grades will be better also. If you are on the football team, they will expect you to hold a C grade average or above. If you do not meet these expectations, you will be punished. That goes for the same with all of the other sports. Coaches know how important grades are, and they want the kids to make a life for themselves.
Start taking some initiative in school, and start being invested. It will truly change your life.

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Brady, staff

Hello, my name is Brady. Some people call me Mike Honcho. I like looking at the stars and watching paint dry. I play football for Springville High school....

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Why You Should be Involved in School