Christmas Traditions Around the World

Laurel, staff

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Christmas is a well-loved time of year worldwide. Every country and culture has their own traditions and variations of Christmas as well. Christmas is a time of togetherness and celebration, which brings us all together as humans. This is how we are motivated to celebrate and get into the Christmas spirit within our cultures.

Italy is a mainly Catholic country. They celebrate by setting up a scene of the birth of Jesus, or the presepe. Many Italians go to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day mass. They also enjoy many festive foods such as having the “Feast of Seven Fishes” and panetonne, or sweet bread originated in Milan.

In Malawi, which is in Africa, children go door to door caroling. They do this with boat-shaped lanterns called fanals. In East Africa, goat is often served in a festive Christmas dinner. In South Africa, people remember their colonial British heritage with braai, which includes mince pies and turkey. Gifts other than clothes to wear to church are not common, as the people want to focus on the birth of Jesus instead of gift giving.

Christmas in South Korea is very different from Christmas in America. With just 30 percent of the population being Christian, South Koreans are not permitted an off day on Christmas. If the family is Christian, they have to go to both Christmas Eve and Day church services. Those who are not Christian do like to decorate Christmas trees similar to Western style, but with traditional slippers and drum ornaments added. Family feasts are common with traditional Korean food such as bulgogi or barbequed beef.

This is how many countries celebrate Christmas around the world. Merry Christmas!


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Christmas Traditions Around the World