Christmas Cookies

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Christmas Cookies

Elly, Staff

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One of the most popular holidays of the year is Christmas. As it is fast approaching, people are beginning to get out their Christmas trees, deck the halls, and celebrate. A very popular tradition is to bake cookies for a festive treat. Whether you leave them out for Santa or eat them yourself, most people will be in the kitchen making this holiday snack at some point this Christmas season.

I interviewed some of Springville’s students to find out if they take part in this classic Christmas tradition. Hannah Bevel stated, “My family always decorates cookies together, and Kyndell is usually there.”

Other students also said that they enjoy making and decorating cookies with their friends and family during the winter. “The best type of cookies are the Wal-Mart cookies with frosting on them. I can down like 37 of those. That is the only type of holiday cookie I like,” Chris Smith commented.

Jackson Weisskopf said, “Yeah, I like Christmas cookies. Actually I don’t like the hard ones. I always just make chocolate chip cookies. Those are soft.”

Some students even said they set them out for Santa to eat.  Graham Bianchi shared some info on this treat for Santa. “We bake cookies and hope he doesn’t eat them all. There’s usually like two dozen left. That’s what I do on Christmas morning.”

Sarah McGinnis stated that her “grandfather makes snowball cookies; they’re melty and delicious.”

When asked what her favorite Christmas cookie was, Prayer Martin said, “Sugar cookies. They make you feel like it’s Christmas.”

Even Coach Graben admitted to enjoying some holiday treats this time of year. When asked he commented, “I enjoy the Christmas cookie ice cream.” It is very clear that Springville loves their cookies.

Why do we leave Christmas cookies out for Santa Claus? This actually goes back to the great depression. Parents wanted to inspire their children to share with others in this time of starvation and peril. When these children grew up, they taught their kids to set out cookies for Santa to show gratitude. That’s how the cookies and milk tradition took off. Some eighty years later, we still take part in this. Over time, different regions and countries have taken their own turn on this tradition. In America we prepare the classic sugar cookies. In Italy they prepare sprinkle cookies and pizzelles. In Canada they have nanaimo bars. Sweden uses ginger bread cookies to set out with milk.  All around the world different cultures have taken different delicious turns on this tradition.

Setting out cookies and milk is one of the most well-known traditions. It is celebrated all around the world and used to teach children to give back to others and be grateful for what they are fortunate enough to have. On the night of Christmas Eve, Santa has to go all over the world to deliver 526,000,000 presents to different children. So, leave out some cookies for him to keep him going, and have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Libby Thornton on December 10th, 2018 7:57 am

    I love Christmas cookies too!!! There’s nothing like watching a Christmas movie with a cup of hot chocolate and a good, warm plate of cookies. So, in conclusion, Ken Zou

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Christmas Cookies