Why You Should Put Water in Macaroni

Hannah, staff

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As we all know a recent incident occurred in the lunchroom. That incident being someone leaving his or her waterless macaroni cup in the microwave for three minutes. So should you put water in macaroni? Or is that just a small detail on the back of the cup?

Well it’s both. The cup obviously states that you should add water BEFORE placing it in a microwave. Unfortunately for whoever didn’t add water….they saw the outcome. Now their mishap of not getting water could’ve simply been because they distracted, or someone was rushing them. But I guess we’ll never really know the true reason.

You should always remember to add water to macaroni because if not….well let’s just say that the microwave it was in is now sitting outside the school by the front door. It’s pretty much useless now since it burned the plastic of the cup everywhere. And it left the awfullest smell there ever was. I’m pretty sure you can still smell burning plastic and noodles in the school lobby.

We will all wonder many things about what went down in the lunchroom November 27th. Who was it? Were they simply just distracted? Did they even read the directions? Luckily for you I can answer all of those questions because sadly I was the one that forgot water….

Yes, I read the directions, multiple times actually. I’ve made macaroni a lot in my high school days, and I’ve never forgotten water before. So why’d I forget the other day? Well that’s simply because one of my friends distracted me when I went to get water, and obviously I forgot it.  I went to get a fork and came back to yellow smoke floating through the air. Now that, my friends, was the highlight of a lot of people’s day.  Let’s just say I will never, and I mean NEVER, forget to add water ever again.

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Hannah, staff

Aloha, my name is Hannah, or according to some people Hbev! Yes, I get called Hannah Montana every second of my life...but hey I'm 17 and absolutely obsessed...


3 Responses to “Why You Should Put Water in Macaroni”

  1. Natalie Higdon on December 5th, 2018 12:50 pm

    I like how you never knew who actually forgot the water but you later found out that it is the writer of the story. I like how you included details on why you should and what would happen, because this has happened to me great story!

  2. Ms Hill on December 6th, 2018 10:30 am

    This might be my favorite article yet on the Roar, so far. Awesome that you took ownership and make some humor along the way.

  3. Wyatt Eidson on December 11th, 2018 10:15 am

    This is such a funny story!!! Its so great that the Roar presents serious news but also gives me a break from with these amazing light hearted stories!!!

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Why You Should Put Water in Macaroni