Springville Boys Basketball Continues to be Dominant

Bradley, Staff

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As of last week, the Springville boys varsity basketball team was 16-1, with a great start not losing a game until after 15 games. They have beat 60 percent of the teams they have played by 20 points or more. I talked to supporters of the Tigers at the game. An older age man said they work as a team very well; everyone knows their role on the team. They are one of the most exciting basketball teams we have had in a while. We have a very athletic team that given the chance will make a spectacular play like a dunk, alley-oop, or a long 3 pointer. You should support them any chance you get. They play better as the crowd hypes them up more. The Tigers have a good chance to make a run in the playoffs this year.  You definitely don’t want to miss these guys play.