Most Important Subject

Elly, Staff

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Here at SHS, we are taught a number of different subjects ranging from World History to Geometry to Literature. The question is, though: which of these subjects is most beneficial to our future careers and which will we use most in life? I compared these subjects and interviewed some of our students in order to get an answer.

First off, what do we learn from all of these classes we are required to take? In English we are taught to think critically and analyze problems that are set before us. Papers, essays, and assignments all teach us to format papers and communicate our opinions to other people. English also teaches us how to speak and write properly, a skill that is very useful in the real world. In history we are taught about our origins and the mistakes we have made in the past. From world wars to ancient civilizations, we cover it all in this class. History helps our memorization skills and teaches us about our past and insights into what we need to be working on in the present. Science gives us a better understanding of the natural world around us and how it works. You will learn about the tiniest parts of the cells that make up everything around you, different environments you will find across the world, and the broad and expanding galaxy that expands far past our little planet. Science helps you reach a deeper understanding of the world we live in and how it works. Math teaches you how to solve problems and work with numbers. You will even learn how to solve algebraic equations and how to prove something is true. You gain problem solving skills and the ability to stay awake in an extremely boring class.

So, as you can tell, each subject offers its own set of benefits. I asked some of our students to see which subject they think helps them the most.

According to Joci Love, “English because it helps you on a daily basis.”

“I think it’s history because it’s important to know what’s going on the world,” stated Libby Thornton.

Another opinion came from Chris Smith who settled it was, “history, because every subject has history. Everything you do is history; everything you will do will be history; everything you have done is history.”

I also wanted to get some opinions from people who are not in high school. Springville alumni Jack Wyatt shared that in his post high school and college experiences he thinks that, “every subject has its uses, but the class that every major and every career will make use of at some point is English.”

So, people seem to be in agreement that it is either English or history. However, while history is important, English will be used at some point everyday in your life. No matter what your job or career, you will use the information learned in your English classes to apply for jobs, communicate with your bosses and fellow workers, or create reports. Because of this, along with these opinions, I think that it is safe to say the most important subject is English.

Every subject is important, and every subject will help you at some point in your life. That’s why it is important to study and work hard at everything you do in school. Pay attention in your classes and try your very hardest to understand everything you are taught, and you will make use of everything you learn at some point in your life.