The Brain Trust, How Do They Stand Now?

Gaines, staff

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Last year during our school’s 12th grade student council election, a group of stunning young men decided to run in our election under “The Brain Trust,” something that it is to be assumed has never happened at Springville High School. And from how things appear with the contents of the influx of freshmen who come to our school every year, it most likely won’t happen again.

The Brain Trust consisted of Andrew Wood, Nick Hutto, Graham Bianchi, and, last but definitely not least, Ken Zou. They ran together and spoke together.

Firstly I will discuss Graham Bianchi, something that he is fairly used to due to his track career. Joseph Graham Bianchi ran for Senior Class Secretary and was inspired by another candidate (Ken Zou). Mr. Bianchi is somewhat new to Springville, but the likes of the Springville legends (our coaches) have made it a good place for him.

Secondly, Ken Zou. Many people would see him as a very quiet and reserved person, but that is not the case. Ken Junwei Zou is actually an education ninja. During the student council election, Ken ran for Senior Class President and unfortunately did not win, not that the actual results were a bad thing. A little bit of information of Mr. Zou is that his family owns and runs a restaurant known as China Stix, which is located right here in Springville. Some may even see it as a Hall of Champions.

Thirdly, Andrew Wood. Andrew  Wood is a man of facial hair like no other. Andrew runs the critically acclaimed Instagram account @beef_train while being a trombone section leader/quartermaster in our school’s band. As far as his occupation is concerned, Andrew is working at the middle school concession stand.

FINALLY, we have NICK HUTTO. Nicholas Caleb Hutto is at par for the title of valedictorian with Ken Zou as of right now. Whenever you aren’t finding him taking scenic pictures for his VSCO (nickhutto) or hanging out with friends, Nick Hutto will be at home studying.