Senior Superlatives

Olivia, staff

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There are many events that each student awaits to be apart of senior year, whether that may be prom, being on the varsity team, or even graduation. Many students anticipate the simpler tasks of being a senior like choosing their senior quote and baby picture for the yearbook. Each year the senior class nominate and vote on their fellow classmates for a category that best describes them. In the past, some of the categories have been “worst parker,” “most likely to show up late with Jack’s,” and “best dressed.” Once the votes have been counted, our amazing yearbook staff organizes the winners and takes their pictures so they can be displayed in the yearbook. This is a fun way for the seniors to remember their classmates in the way that they truly perceive them.

This year’s senior superlatives are:

Most likely to get ID’d when they’re 30 (boy and girl)

Mr. Fix it – Logan Henderson

Ms. Prepared

Cutest couple that never was

Best bromance (pair of boys)

Gal Pals (pair of girls)

Most school spirit (boy and girl)

Most likely to change the world (boy and girl)

Most overbooked (boy and girl)

Most dependable (boy and girl)

Sunshine on a cloudy day (boy and Danielle McDonald)

Teacher’s terror (boy and girl)

Teacher’s pet (boy and girl)

Best glow up (boy and girl)

Best laugh (boy and girl)

Tech Savvy (boy and girl)

Triple threat (boy and girl)

Seniors- make sure to follow the link sent out by Mrs. Bryan to vote. If you’re not a senior, we still want to hear from you. Comment on the article with who you think would fit these categories in your own grade.