Why You Should Own A Dog

Hannah, staff

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Owning a dog makes people genuinely happy.  Dogs make us laugh, and we’re typically more social with a dog around. Elly Wyatt said, “You should own a dog because they enrich your life and will always love you no matter what.” Dogs will continuously love you because they feel a need to. I mean, you’ll take care of them, so that’s a pretty good reason for them to love you. Dogs help us exercise, too, for obvious reasons; we’ll have to take them outside a lot. Whether you’re walking them on a leash or running along beside them, you’re getting exercise.

As an owner of three (including the one in the picture), I can say that dogs are sometimes the best animals in the world but other times they can be a little nuisance. Of course, puppies aren’t going to know that your brand new Birkenstocks are not a chew toy or that they should not eat rocks, but they’ll eventually learn if you teach them. Gaines Issacs said, “I’ve heard dogs relieve stress.” That is also true; playing with or petting one can increase levels of stress-reducing hormone called oxytocin. Now you probably didn’t know that but yep, it’s actually proven. So whether you want more exercise or less stress, you should definitely think about getting a dog.