Teachers Should Start Teaching Again

Callie, Staff

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Think of how you would define a teacher. Are they a leader in a classroom, someone who is in charge of presenting information for the education of others? According to Meriam-Webster, a teacher can be defined as “one who teaches, especially one whose occupation is to instruct,” which is quite similar to what you were thinking, right? Now consider how this should be reflected in a classroom setting.

In my mind, teachers should be present in the classroom as often as possible, explaining content and answering questions. Group work should be explained by the teacher and students should have a thorough understanding of the principles before being left alone to complete work. With developing standards and beliefs about education, educators and those setting the standards are coming to the conclusion that we, as students, should be left to work in groups with supervision and minimal instruction. Apparently, we learn best by being taught by our classmates. But if nobody understands and the teacher has left us alone, who is supposed to teach?

Teachers have a job as educators, not supervisors. School is evolving to the point of group work where we are expected to teach ourselves content and be tested on it, in an entirely different format that the teacher developed. At the beginning of the year in math, classes receive a work book that is supposed to guide them through problems and somehow we are supposed to grasp the content enough to take a test in an entirely different way. For students that struggle in class, it is incredibly hard to complete problems without a beginning visual or vocal explanation.

This should be fixed at the nearest possible point in order to help to fix the education we are being provided. Teachers should return to their role of educating students, instead of supervising our activities they have no real hand in. How else am I supposed to get a quality education?