Springville Sports Volunteers

Braylin, Staff

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Sports are an important thing to many students and teachers at Springville High School. Although many may be fond of the head coaches of their favorite teams, they don’t consider the people who volunteer to help manage the coaching. I had the opportunity to interview some coaches and volunteers on how important sports volunteers are to Springville High School sports.

Before I talked to the sports volunteers themselves, I had the chance to ask some coaches what do sports volunteers do and why they are important to Springville sports. I asked Coach Ford on why is it important to have sports volunteers. He told me that “the main reason to have volunteers is for extra eyes. When you have extra help it allows your team to break down into smaller groups. For example, instead of one coach watching sixteen people, you can have two coaches watching eight players each. This allows for more repetitions for each player and helps ensure that players are doing things correctly.” When I also asked on what jobs sports volunteers have in sports such as football, basketball, softball, etc., Coach Ford told me that “volunteers are usually given the responsibility of being in charge of certain positions. In football, that may mean receivers, or quarterbacks. In baseball, that might mean outfielders, infielders, or pitchers.”

I also had the opportunity to ask Coach Graben and Coach Taruc why it is important to have sports volunteers in Springville sports. When I asked Coach Graben this question, he told me that “Sports volunteer coaches are necessary at SHS because the teaching situation is so great that not many teachers leave. When teachers decide to quit coaching, there is no way to replace their coaching duties. If that teacher decides to keep teaching but quit coaching, our kids still have to have a coach. Since there are no teaching positions available, we must hire volunteers to take their coaching duties.” When I asked Coach Taruc the same question, he simply replied that “It’s good to have extra eyes and help.”

I then got the opportunity to interview some sports volunteers on what it means to be one and advice they would give to those wanting to be sports volunteers. Coach Woody is a sports volunteer that is currently helping coach the men’s basketball team at Springville High. When I asked what it means to be a sports volunteer, he told me that “it’s a great opportunity for me to get some coaching experience before I’m actually a certified teacher with a coaching license. I really enjoy working with the kids and the coaches game planning and getting ready for games like basketball.” When I asked him for any advice he would give to those wanting to be sports volunteers, he told me that “the biggest advice I can give is to know the time and the work it takes for it to be free. It’s a lot of hours of work. It’s more of a calling not necessarily a profession.”

Chris Martin is also a Springville sports volunteer helping out with football last semester and is currently helping coach baseball. When I asked him what it means to be a sports volunteer, he replied, “A volunteer means that exact thing, that you are volunteering your time to help coach a sport that you have a knowledge and passion for.” I then asked him what advice he would give to those wanting to be sports volunteers. He replied, “Advice is, be a good role model, don’t ask to volunteer and the school be kind enough to let you volunteer and you not be a good role model, have knowledge of the game you are requesting to volunteer for and luckily for the Springville Family they have that with all their volunteer coaches.”

It seems that Springville sports volunteers are important for our Tigers to be the best! If you ever get the time, if you see a sports volunteer, thank them for what they do to your favorite sport and ask them some more questions you may have after reading this article.

Coach Ford gave me some useful information on sports volunteers at Springville High.