The Jonas Brothers Reunion

Grace, Staff

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The Jonas Brothers, Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas, formed the most iconic boyband in 2005 and stole hearts all over the world through their song “Burnin Up” and Disney movie series Camp Rock. Ever since the band’s break up, fans have been begging for them to get back together. It felt like we were going to have to wait until the year 3000 to get another song from them, but it turns out we only had to wait until 2019. After being incognito for the past 6 years, the tables turned and the brothers suddenly announced that they were officially getting back together. On February 28th they released the song “Sucker”, the first piece that’s been released since 2013. The reunion of the beloved band was nostalgic for everyone around the world and featured new aspects of their lives that we have never seen before. Now, our childhood is finally complete.

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The Jonas Brothers Reunion