The Weekend is the Best Time of the Week

Brady, staff

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Friday comes and you are ready for all the plans you have for the weekend. Maybe you want to go ice skating, bowling, or go to a friend’s house. The options are limitless because the weekend is the time to do anything you have been wanting to do. School will not be taking place, so that means you can get your sleep schedule back on track for all the times you stayed up late during the week on school nights doing homework, studying, or just staying up on the phone with a friend or girlfriend/boyfriend.

Everyone might not be able to go do what they want on the weekends. Some people have to go to work either for a job away from home or working for their parents around the house. Some people might also be grounded because they do not study to get good grades so their parents will not let them go out on the weekend because they want their child to focus on school. Parents know that school is top priority because they want their child to have a good future and get into a good college when the time comes. So whether you are hanging out with friends, going bowling, working, or even are grounded, try to make the best of the weekend because you will have to wait what feels like a lifetime until the next weekend.