Springville Soccer vs Guntersville

Caleb, staff

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Springville Soccer always has its “off week” during Spring Break to rest up and get the strength back to their legs. This is a good thing but can also be very hurtful for momentum and understanding on the field. After Spring Break Springville had a very tough game against a top 10 team in the state. From a neutral perspective this was going to be a very competitive game. It started out with Guntersville controlling the first 20 minutes. At half time Springville needed to adjust to the way Guntersville was playing.  As the time for the second half wound down, intensity and anxiety rose higher and higher. Springville was able to control the last 20 minutes of the game because of their depth of players to come off of the bench. They were able score off of a beautifully run free-kick. They finished the game 1-0 against a very high quality playoff team.