Mystery of The Garfield Phones is Finally Solved!

John Morgan, Staff

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For decades now, the coast of France has been having a strange problem: Garfield telephones have been washing up on the beaches and have been a painful environmental hazard to clean up for the locals. But where these telephones have come from has been a mystery since the 1980’s when the lasagna-loving telephones were first popular and first started to wash up in France ever since a large storm. Now, the mystery has been solved! A local farmer tipped the environmentalists and told them that in the 80’s he found a shipping container that had fallen off its ship, inside a cave that can old be accessed during low-tide. And when the environmentalists finally went inside the cave, they found a shipping container submerged in the water with hundreds of pieces of the Garfield phones. Unfortunately, the container is nearly impposible to access, but the container is nearly empty of its telephones.