A Study of Short Shorts

Elly, Staff

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An epidemic is spreading across Springville and it needs to be acknowledged: short shorts. It has become popular among athletes and, for some odd reason, the male population. Today, we will be diving deeper into this questionable fashion trend.

For starters, where did this come from? They first emerged in Europe in the 1900s. During the 1930s they were worn as casual wear for both men and women. They were particularly popular in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, eventually coming to Springville in the past few years.

I interviewed a frequent wearer of the short shorts to find out what it is that makes them so popular.

Graham Bianchi commented, “They are exhilarating.”

Hannah Bevel, who does not wear short shorts but has observed them, said, “That’s pretty stupid.”

Please go to your local representative because we must stop this, and together we can.