Are Peeps the Most Controversial Easter Treat?

Hannah, Staff

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As soon as February is over, the supermarkets across America are stocked with one specific candy: PEEPS. Now of course Peeps aren’t the only candy put on the shelves at Easter, but they sure do seem to be the most controversial. People either like them or they don’t; there is usually no in between. The sugary sweet is slam packed with a sugary gelatin, corn starch mix, and whipped into a marshmallow-like fluff. To top it all off, the candy is covered in sugar; talk about a sugar overload. Now, I personally do not like Peeps since they taste incredibly sweet, but some people like my best friend, Kyndell, LOVES them. Whether you’re a lover or a hater of Peeps I think you should personally take a minute to read what I’m about to type.

Peeps, the sugary, sweet, chewy, marshmallow treat. You might wanna rip open a pack of them right now, but they will become dry and hard as soon as they become exposed to air in just a few minutes. Yep, they won’t stay all cute and fluffy forever, my friends, and no doubt they could probably survive the apocalypse. As soon as you take a bite of one, the sugary coat, as well as the artificial dyes, are all over your face and hands; unless you came prepared to eat a Peep then you might be good. Another problem with the goody is that you can’t make s’mores with them. I mean, hello, who doesn’t want a delicious s’more at any time? The treat is not like a regular marshmallow; it’s a sticky, gummy, rubbery little piece of fluff.  I hope you realize that Peeps will be the cause to your sugar overdose and think before you tear open another pack. Whether they’re shaped as bunnies, chickens, or the other random holiday shapes they come in, think twice before eating another.