Child Abuse Awareness Month

Laurel, staff

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Did you know that abuse affects about 6.6 million children per year in the United States? Only 3.2 million of these cases are reported.  To help combat this problem, April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. During April, it is common to learn ways to help prevent and cope with these awful situations.

Some of the ways to help prevent child abuse would be to find help for the potentially abusive guardian. This can help the guardian to learn to effectively learn to parent under stressful situations. Another route would be to report a serious situation or to tell another trusted adult if something that seriously endangers or harms a child occurs.

Prevention can not only help a child in need physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. The effects of any kind of child abuse can last a lifetime, and by helping recognize the issue, you can help promote a safer, more stable society for the future.

Carry this information throughout the year because child abuse occurs not just in April, but everyday.