Favorite Thing You Did over Spring Break

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Two weeks ago was Spring Break for Springville High School. I asked a few students what their favorite thing they did was.

Patrick Faulker said his favorite thing was he went to Six Flags.

Hunter said his favorite thing was he went to the beach and played baseball. They won their first two games and lost their last.

Mrs. Toles said she was very excited when she got to go to Gatlinburg with her children.

Laurel Connolly said she sanded kitchen cabinets.

Olivia Aikens said she stayed at the beach all week.

Mady Nicholes went to New Orleans. She said she had a lot of fun there.

Isabella said she hung out with Joseph, her boyfriend, she said that was fun.

Macy Nolen said her baby cousin was born and that was great. She went to the hospital to see him.

I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break!!