Homeless Man Saved by 16-Year-Old Girl

Sarah M., Staff

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In Sussex England 37 year-old Anthony Johnson has been living on the streets for a long nine years. In hopes of finding work, Johnson posted a “work wanted” sign at a Hastings bus stop. In it he wrote that he did not abuse drugs or alcohol and would do a trial period to prove his work ethic. He listed some of his skills and said he would do “anything to earn a living and make life seem worth living.” 16-year old Charlette Howard spotted Johnson’s plea and took a picture of it and his tent, posting them on social media and creating a GoFundMe account in hopes of raising enough money to buy him a used caravan. In just 10 days the page made $3,100. The movement caught the eye of a local charity and, in a desire to help, the organization bought Johnson a caravan, allowing the money raised to go toward his groceries. On top of that, Johnson was contacted by a local landscaper about starting a home-repair business. Because a 16-year old girl thought to consider someone else, a man’s life was turned around and made worth living.