The Best Grub-Grabbin’ Spot in All of Springville

Gaines, staff

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First things first, the only restaurant you’ll ever need in Springville is China Stix. The rest are basically just suggestions for when China Stix isn’t available at the moment.

China Stix has been open since 2007. This is much longer than the local a lot of restaurants here in Springville. Zoutastic! China Stix is equipped with a freshly stocked buffet which includes many different kinds of food, as well as a desert bar. Kenmazing! China Stix has become a place of comfort for anyone in Springville who just needs some time to relax in a well-mannered environment.

China Stix is mostly run by the Zou family and has been that way since their opening. Often you will find the man in charge of such establishment, Mr. Zou (pictured below), taking care of customers and taking orders himself. A lot of the time through the corporate ladder, many owners do not create the connections that customers enjoy, but Mr. Zou is an exception.